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  The other name of the plaltinitol is isomalt , the foreign enrollment name is isomalt , the foreign trade name is palatinit .Our company has firstly succeeded to fetch the production in country. And call it sormaltol.
The using prescribe : the FAO/WHO model food addiitive unite committee of experts has passed the examination for the toxin experimentation .Decided to not do the special prescribe to the most values for ADI be gathered daily of the isomalt,it can dicede the frondose accession amount according to the request .the homothetic prescribe was ordered in our country .
The using bound : As a kind of the functional sweeter ,the plaltinitol can be applied manifold foods widely . Include the hard and soft sweet、 chocolate、 cachou、 confiture jelly 、corn breakfast food .the baking food、 the daubing food the table sweeter 、the thin milk、 ice-cream and the cool drink .When it apply in fact ,it may have a few change on the processing technics of the conventional food . to think of its physical chemistry performance .
The preponderance speciality :As a kind of the functional sweeter .the preponderance speciality of the plaltinitol was comported : 1) its sweet purity 2)without the badness back taste 3) it can occur the acton to increase the effect with the strong sweet acidifier to conceal its badness back taste and flavor .4) the moisture absorption-low function 5)the high stability 6) the little energy 7)not to juchi function 8) it can be eated by the diabeteser .
Melt Point
Wate content
Reducing sugar
Ash content
Heavy metals(as lead)
状态 结晶(crystal)
颜色 白色(white)
口感 Sweet 甜味
融点 168摄氏度
水分(含结晶水) <=7%
帕拉金糖醇(含结晶水) >=98%
D-山梨醇 <=6%
D-甘露醇 <=3%
还原糖 <=0.3%
灰份 <=0.05%
重金属(以铅计) <=10mg/kg